Cruises Are Increasing In Popularity

Cruise travel continues to achieve popularity. In 2010, the North american cruise industry, that makes up most of the worldwide cruise market, comprising of 205 ships that carried nearly fifteen million passengers to destinations. Of these, nearly ten million passengers left from United States ports, and florida accounted for two-thirds of all United States departures.

The Caribbean is that the high destination, followed by the Mediterranean, Europe, and Alaska. the typical length of a cruise is seven days to fourteen days, though voyages vary from a couple of hours (“voyages to nowhere”) to many months for around-the-world cruises. an average-sized cruise liner carries a pair of,200 passengers; but, cruise liner capacities still increase, and “mega ships” will exceed 5,000 passengers. The crew-to-passenger ratio is roughly 1:2. The median age of a cruise liner traveler is forty eight years, and over one-quarter are ≥60. To a particular extent, cruise lines target completely different population groups, and longer cruises usually attract older passengers.

Although most passengers on North american cruise ships are from the u. s. or canada, cruise ships gather massive numbers of individuals from a range of communities and backgrounds. Communicable diseases may be introduced onboard by embarking passengers and crew members or acquired throughout visits to seaports.


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